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Founded in 2001 by Karen Nixon, Nixon Benefits has an established track record of bringing plan cost reductions, industry transparency and the highest level of service to clients across the US and to US offices of international corporations.  With a veteran team that includes members from every area of the industry, and experience working both for and with insurance companies in executive capacities, Nixon Benefits’ vast knowledge of risk management, underwriting and plan design brings opportunity to every client relationship.  


In 2018, Nixon Benefits’ unique approach garnered an invite-only position to Initiative 18 | 11, sponsored by the Society of Actuaries.  With the mission of reducing healthcare costs in the United States, the think tank is comprised of 30 industry leaders, each invited from a different part of the healthcare system.  Among the 30 are IBM Watson, Johns Hopkins University, UnitedHealthcare, Walgreens and Nixon Benefits.


Leading Change (click above)

At Nixon Benefits, we are leading change and revolutionizing employee benefits and health management by offering transparent and untethered market practices with an approach that results in lower costs, enhanced benefits as well as concierge-level service for you and your individual employees. Interested in learning more? Watch the short video above.  

The Benefit of Benefits (click above)

Communication is vital when it comes to benefits. At Nixon Benefits, we produce customized, short, web-based videos to explain your companies' benefits package to your employees and their family members accessible at any time, from any platform.  

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