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Our three-layer approach to health and welfare plans enables us to make a national impact, empower the employer, and support the well-being of employees.

Leading Change

We are recognized thought leaders in the healthcare ecosystem, disrupting institutional norms and leading change.

Employer Advantage

We ensure your investment delivers results and provides a competitive advantage.

Employee Advocacy

We simplify and personalize the employee experience.  

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Technology should exceed the expectations of the plan sponsor, the plan administrator and employees.  There is no one system that fits all, therefore we do not sell nor partner with any one benefit administration platform.  The technology should benefit you, not us.  We don’t limit your choices. 


We provide the following to ensure the right fit and proper integration:

                                     +Needs Analysis                 

                                     +Price and Contract Negotiation

                                     +Market Analysis      

                                     +Testing & Implementation

"Market competition does not exist in the U.S. healthcare system. Health insurers’ provider networks contractually protect medical groups and hospitals from competing with one another on price. Government policy coupled with a crowded distribution channel enable drug manufacturers to control their own pricing in the U.S. Without price transparency, economic and consumer benefits of market competition cannot exist."


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